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The crypto industry has boomed in India over the past years since the Supreme Court reversed the RBI's ban on cryptocurrencies. WazirX is one of India's premier crypto exchanges with over 2 million users. However, recently many crypto exchanges have been facing problems with payment services from banks, as banks have refused to offer services to companies dealing with cryptocurrencies. However, all these issues have created doubt among users about the security of their funds, but WazirX has reported that withdrawals have been unaffected. Recently, WazirX has opted to use Mobikwik as their payment provider and users can deposit money through Mobikwik. Read on to know how to withdraw money in WazirX.

And the "exchange reserve" is the total amount of coins currently present in wallets of all derivative exchanges. Here, "open interest" is the measure of the total amount of futures contracts open on derivatives exchanges.

Select the category you want to find a group in that category and cryptocurrency press "Filter Groups" button. Here is a list of the Telegram groups in all categories. You can sort groups by newest, rating or members.

The "estimated leverage ratio" is an indicator that’s calculated by dividing the open interest with the exchange reserve. In simpler terms, what this metric tells us about is how much leverage Bitcoin futures investors are using at the moment.

Step 3 - Your funds in rupees will be visible in the funds section. Click on the INR option and you will be able to see your account transactions, deposits and withdrawals. Step 5 - Click on the withdrawal option, and you will be taken to a new screen, where you will be able to enter the amount you need to withdraw. Step 1 - Open the WazirX app, and tap on the 'Funds' option. Step 2 - If you need to sell any of your coins, you can choose to sell them to convert your crypto into Rupees. Step 4 - At the bottom of the screen, Binance you will be able to see two option, 'Deposit' and 'Withdrawl'. Step 6 - You will receive an email, where you have to verify the withdrawal. Enter the amount and submit. Once you have verified, the funds will be reflected in your account shortly.

WazirX is one of the safest crypto exchanges in India, and have the highest number of users, as compared to other crypto exchanges. However, users should note that they need to have their bank account registered along with the KYC process completed before they can withdraw funds from the WazirX exchange. Here is the step by step process to withdraw money from WazirX. The WazirX withdrawal process is quite easy.

There are two withdrawal option, NEFT which has a 5 rupee and withdrawal can take longer. Many people often face the 'WazirX withdrawal rejected' issue, which can be caused by users supplying incorrect bank details to WazirX or WazirX bank servers being down. However, users should note that there are WazirX withdrawal charges that users should be aware of. On the other hand, the instant withdrawal option has a 10 rupee fee, but the funds are deposited instantly. However, Binance WazirX ensures that users funds are safe and you can contact their support team in the app to clarify any query.

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